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Discover the art of outdoor cooking with our luxury barbecue: design, innovation and flavor come together in an unprecedented experience.

Discover the Diamondfire barbecue with lava stone: innovation and unique design

Diamondfire is a barbecue with innovative lava stone, able to combine design, cooking perfection and functionality. 

It offers a double cooking zone: the first one on the central grill, placed above the brazier; the second, outside, on a volcanic lava stone.

The modern barbecue that combines style and advanced technology

Thanks to its modern style, the high quality materials of which it is composed and the fine finishes that make it unique, this barbecue is ideal for those looking for efficiency and also a touch of elegance in cooking at the grill.

The Luxury BBQ


In the age of design that combines with functionality, our luxury barbecue emerges as an icon of style and innovation. This is not just a tool for grilling: it is a functional work of art, designed to blend harmoniously into any outdoor context, transforming gardens, terraces and patios into real gourmet corners.
In short, it is more than a simple cooking tool: it is a symbol of how modern design can enrich our daily life, bringing beauty, efficiency and joy to our homes. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner or a large outdoor party, our modern barbecue is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression, both on your space and on the palate of your guests.

immagine di un bbq diamond fire con custom design

A uniform and tasty cooking

The volcanic stone, in addition to transmitting heat in a uniform and controlled, allowing a perfect cooking, is characterized by a slight inclination to the outside that allows excess fat and liquid to flow into a crack created to collect the same, preventing them from burning inside the brazier.
DIAMONDFIRE ³ is suitable for both private and professional use. It is ideal for BBQ enthusiasts, restaurants and haute cuisine.

DIAMONDFIRE® is suitable for both private and professional use. It is ideal for BBQ enthusiasts, restaurants and haute cuisine.

chef usando diamondfire
funzionalita barbecue diamond fire



The barbecue is equipped with a drawer to collect the residues of the embers and during cooking allows you to modulate the oxygen supply to regulate combustion and reduce the smoke produced.

By completely extracting the drawer, you have access to the liquid and fat containers located under the collection channel to allow the emptying.

Elegant and modern design

A design that creates a unique experience in every meeting around the fire

The modern style, the quality materials and the refined finishes make the barbecue a distinctive and attractive element in every location.

Custom Design

Diamondfire redefines outdoor elegance through unparalleled customization.

Our barbecues feature removable side panels, allowing for complete customization with a variety of materials and finishes.



FIAMMA boasts a captivating diamond shape, which characterizes it as a true work of art in the realm of outdoor braziers. This unique design not only catches the eye, but also symbolizes the rarity and brilliance that DIAMONDFIRE ³ brings into your space. Meticulously crafted with extreme precision, FIAMMA is a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship that defines DIAMONDFIRE. The use of premium materials ensures longevity, while the diamond-shaped structure adds a touch of luxury to your outdoor environment.

barbecue diamond fire hexagon


HEXAGON is an example of geometric perfection. In addition to being a complement to furniture and design with harmonious and elegant lines, the Diamondfire wooden door holder is an exclusive object of sure aesthetic impact.
HEXAGON tool holders can be stacked and fixed together, allowing the creation of different geometric shapes and giving vent to your creativity.



With its six aluminum blades and hexagonal top, BRILLIANCE is much more than just a table: it is a design element that does not go unnoticed. The hexagon, symbol of balance and harmony, infuses a touch of modern refinement to your outdoor space.


DIAMONDFIRE® Accessories

Perfect the art of grilling with tools designed for the master of barbecue. From innovative design to uncompromising functionality, each accessory is chosen to enrich your outdoor dining experience.


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